GSI, Inc. supplies a wide range of services to address the needs of our customers.
Below is an overview of what we can offer your business.  Please contact us for more information:
GSI, Inc.
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GSI provides practical, objective, and timely information when you need it.
GSI offers effective guidance to meet the needs of your organization, backed by more than thirty years experience providing computer assistance to companies of all sizes.
Our team has extensive knowledge of LAN, PC, and data communications hardware and expertise in Novell, Microsoft, Unix, and Linux software, so we can recommend the perfect combination of programs and equipment to suit your situation.
We have over three decades of experience running businesses that rely on computers and understand the importance of finding the most efficient, versatile and affordable system available, and also how essential it is to keep it up-to-date and problem free.  Therefore, a  recommendation from GSI comes with empathy as well as education and experience.

GSI specializes in custom built systems to suit your exact performance needs and allow for future growth.
GSI has installed more than 10,000 file servers in the past thirty years.  Through our experience we've become extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of equipment from single computers to Global Area Networks.

GSI offers affordable custom built file servers, workstations, and networks that grant high performance solutions without the technical and cost restrictions of units available on the commercial market.

We will personally install your system, assuring that it's done professionally and expeditiously.  We will make certain that it is set up to meet your needs with optimum performance.

GSI offers full service computer maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.
GSI is a highly regarded service provider for the top names in business computing. We are highly knowledgable in Microsoft Server and email products, Novell operating systems and Groupwise, and authorized by HP, Intel, Symantec, and many more.

Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety networking software and hardware which allows them to accurately diagnose, solve and help you avoid many common problems network users encounter.

GSI can upgrade, expand or convert your old system to a new one with minimal disruption of business.
GSI has specialized in business and networking applications for over two and a half decades.  During that time we've witnessed the evolution of technology first-hand and know the most effective ways to update older machines and keep them current.

Our extensive background working with systems of all sizes allows us to help your business grow with the utmost efficiency.  Whether you're moving from a single computer to a small group of workstations or expanding to a large network, we will make the transition a smooth one.

GSI offers complete computer training for your entire staff, no matter how big or small.
Even the most sophisticated computers are reliant on the strengths and limitations of the person operating them.  Because we want our customers to get maximum performance out of their system GSI provides personalized training for a variety of business computing subjects.

GSI's highly regarded training personnel has been employed around the world to teach on the topics of Computer and Network Security, Networking Windows, Practical NetWare, Supporting NetWare, NetWare Print Services, NDS tree design, NT Server, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Active Directory, Understanding TCPIP, Linux setup and integration, and many more.  They will teach your staff, whether beginners or seasoned users, the most efficient and safe ways to make your office computer system productive.

The close association we have with our customers, and the feedback we get from them,  grants us access to a user perspective on the products we sell.  We're familiar with the tips, tricks, and complexities and will make certain that you are too.

GSI provides affordable internet hosting for clients who desire a presence on the World Wide Web.


GSI, Inc.
9390 Olive Boulevard - Suite C
Saint Louis, Missouri  63132
(314) 993-5713 voice   (314) 993-0069 fax